Lay Partner Lawrence Wahlund





In addition to his role as a Lay Partner, Lawrence is the Chairman and one of the founding members of B Positive Brent, a Service Users Forum that works closely with Service providers in Brent and gives the HIV community a voice.

"Joining the Lay Partners Forum in the Spring of 2014 was probably one of the best decisions  I have made for a long time.  I am the type of person who likes to see changes where change is needed.I have found it an opportunity to meet with people from all across the social spectrum – people with various disabilities and care needs, who have the experience and ability to speak their mind in a constructive and collaborative way. What makes the Forum so successful is the professional leadership approach by the facilitators - encouraging the members to be actively involved in workshops and in the conversations surrounding the issues that are being discussed. 

As a Forum member, I am privileged to have a say in the ideas and plans presented by Whole Systems Integrated Care in North West London. I am able to use my own personal experiences and that of the people in my own community. I am HIV positive and have lived with this illness for 33 years. I could write a book about all the experiences and observations of being subject to a failing care system. "