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Monitor Chair Sees Integrated Care in Action

28 Jul 2014

Baroness Hanham, interim Chair of health regulator Monitor, was given first-hand experience of the North West London WSIC programme on a visit to meet staff, clinicians and senior leaders.

The Baroness, who is passionate about the value of integrated care to patients, requested the fact-finding event to learn more about NWL’s plans, the challenges local implementation teams might face and how Monitor could assist.

Held just as Monitor published a key document to assist with developing integrated care, the visit in Hammersmith & Fulham was a great opportunity to share progress and future plans from across the programme area and locally.

It provided an opportunity for one of NWL’s key national partners to see an example of integrated care approaches in action.

After the event, Baroness Hanham commented: "I was greatly impressed by how the North West London integrated care pioneer is working across multiple organisations to better co-ordinate care around individuals and their needs to help to support them in their own homes.

"I congratulate all the staff for their commitment and determination to finding positive means of giving patients a better way of being cared for and supported, to prevent them from staying in hospital too long or going there unnecessarily in the first place.

"I hope they will be able to influence and help other parts of the country that also need to move in this direction.”

During the visit, the value of integrated team working in cutting duplication and improving communication between multi-disciplinary team members was highlighted as a key benefit of the Hammersmith and Fulham service.

And Baroness Hanham heard how keeping a focus on outcomes such as reductions in nursing home placements to define the value of integrated models of care was also key to achieving greater integration in future.

WSIC leaders gave Baroness Hanham and colleagues an introduction to the programme and the benefits it will bring to patients and carers before Ham

mersmith and Fulham managers explained how their Virtual Ward and Community Independence Service (CIS) works.

The Baroness then experienced at first-hand how frontline staff in one of the CIS multi-disciplinary teams plan care for patients.

She participated in a discussion about integrated care and how Monitor can work with whole systems Pioneers to achieve their visions.

Robert Sainsbury, deputy Managing Director & Out of Hospitals Manager at Hammersmith & Fulham CCG, said: "The discussion was very useful

and covered a lot of ground.

"The multi-disciplinary team explained how they work on a daily basis to help reduce hospital admissions and to support early discharges.

"The team focussed on their ability to respond to health and social care needs and that GPs are increasingly using the service which provides an assessment for crisis need within two hours of referrals.

"And we were able to explain how receiving referrals direct from the London Ambulance Service was a major step forward in supporting delivery of the vision for out of hospital services.”

Baroness Hanham’s visit coincided with Monitor publishing a key

document to assist local places make progress towards integrated care.

The document Integrated care: how to comply with Monitor’s requirements is available at https://www



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