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Joined-up care plans endorsed by expert

18 Feb 2015

An international health management expert has visited sites across North West London and worked with local leaders to address how to turn their plans to join up care for patients into a reality. 

Nine projects are now underway to trial new and better ways of caring for patients by putting them right at the heart of services and giving them a stronger say in how they’re cared for. 

Hal Wolf, former Chief Operating Officer of a large health management organisation in the United States, spent two weeks visiting local projects to help them put their final plans in place before the new and improved ways of delivering care begin roll-out in the spring. 

He commented: "You are clearly doing great work to improve patient care.

"It will take lots of time, energy and sustained leadership to make a patient-centred approach a normal part of a system’s ways of working.

"I’m confident that you will turn your great ideas and work in to daily reality.”

Mr Wolf  gave input to all the projects across the eight boroughs  in North West London that are set to start delivering joined-up care.

Each project will start testing new ways of delivering health and social care for a small proportion of their local populations, with a special emphasis on improving services for people aged over 65 and on ensuring that mental health and well-being is a part of all care services. 

Teams made up of staff from different health and care organisations - including the third sector - will work closely together, delivering proactive and preventative care to keep people well.

The ultimate goal is for people across North West London to receive services in the integrated way being pioneered by these projects.


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