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Care Minister praises NWL integrated care

27 Jan 2015

Care Minister Norman Lamb has praised health and care partners in North West London for their pioneering approach to integrated care and support.

At the pioneer One Year On event on 27th January,Norman Lamb highlighted the successes achieved by each of the fourteen national integration pioneers, including NWL.

Care minister Norman Lamb said: "Through the original pioneers we have already seen the difference joining up health and care can have in reducing unnecessary emergency admissions and helping people to live independently for longer. I hope these new pioneers will do the same for their local community. These 14 visionary local areas have stepped up to develop innovative ways to manage care around people’s needs and improved the health and wellbeing of their communities – I hope other areas will follow their example.”

The One Year On event provided the opportunity for launching of the pioneer annual report, reflecting on the achievements of each pioneer and of the national organisations providing support. In particular, the work of Lay Partners – a group of more than 100 service users and carers who  have worked alongside NHS and social care professionals to develop joined-up care in eight London boroughs – is featured as a best practice example of how to make services work better for patients.

NWL lay partners have played leading roles in designing and creating new ways of enabling NHS, social care and local voluntary services to work together to deliver what patients want – services that are joined up, run smoothly and help them to live life as fully as they can.

The pioneer annual report also highlights NWL’s innovative approach to using groups of the population with similar health and care needs to determine budgets and services alongside its work with patients to develop those services.

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