'Toolbox' - additional integrated care tools launched 2015 

These tools build on the WSIC toolkit (see below) and provide a blueprint for implementing key elements of Accountable Care Partnerships and models of care that support North West London’s vision for integrated care.

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Toolkit chapters - integrated care tools launched 2014

The North West London Integration Toolkit is intended to support communities, people and partners as they work towards the shared vision of integrated care. The toolkit is the culmination of over 200 individuals and organisations across North West London coming together to share knowledge and develop ideas as to how to implement whole systems integrated care. For more information as to how the toolkit was developed please read about our journey. The toolkit is a living document and repository of our collective learnings. It will evolve and be updated as local areas start to implement their plans and lessons are learned and shared, such as through the ‘Toolbox’ above. Comments and contributions are welcomed.

  1. 1 Introduction View chapter
  2. 2 Vision and case for change View chapter
  3. 3 How do we ensure people and carers are involved throughout? View chapter
  4. 4 What population groups do we want to include? View chapter
  5. 5 What are the outcomes to be delivered? View chapter
  6. 6 How do we innovate a new model of care working with users and carers? View chapter
  7. 7 How can we commission integrated care? View chapter
  8. 8 How can commissioners align provider incentives? View chapter
  9. 9 How should General Practitioner (GP) networks be developed? View chapter
  10. 10 How will provider networks develop and support new models of care? View chapter
  11. 11 What informatics functionality will we need? View chapter
  12. 12 Glossary View chapter

The North West London Whole Systems Integrated Care team held an event to launch this toolkit, reuniting a number of the key contributors.