What population groups do we want to include?

Toolkit chapter 4

This chapter explains why we should group the population and lays out the whole system proposals to grouping the population across North West London. This grouping has been co-designed by professionals across health- and social-care, as well as lay partners.
  1. Section 1 Why should we group? View section
  2. Section 2 What are the different ways we can group? View section
  3. Section 3 What approach should we take? View section
  4. Section 4 How are individuals assigned to the groups? View section
  5. Section 5 How do we understand individual needs within groups? View section
  6. Section 6 How do local areas decide which groups to focus on? View section

Reading this section will help you answer

  • How does grouping the population allow us to focus on the needs of the individual?
  • Why should we change the way we group the North West London population today?
  • What is the new population-grouping approach for North West London?
  • How do local areas decide which group to focus on first?
  • What are our next steps to get going?