How should General Practitioner (GP) networks be developed?

Toolkit chapter 9

This chapter is important because it will help GPs understand how they can form or develop networks. It lays out the case for change for GP networks in North West London, it will present the organisational models that GPs could use to form networks and it will summarise the tools available through the programme for network development.

  1. Section 1 Chapter 9 - Introduction View section
  2. Section 2 What is the case for change for GP networks? View section
  3. Section 3 What are the organisational options for GP networks? View section
  4. Section 4 What resources are available to help develop GP networks? View section

Reading this section will help you answer

  • Why is it vital for GPs to form networks as part of Whole Systems?
  • What are the options for forming GP networks?
  • How will the organisations formed by GPs fit into larger provider networks?
  • What resources have been co-designed throughout the programme to support network development?