How do we ensure people and carers are involved throughout?

Toolkit chapter 3

This chapter is important because it explains what we mean by Embedding Partnerships and why this is crucial to the success of making joined-up, person-centred care a reality for the people of North West London. This chapter speaks from the voice of the lay partners, who have played a central part in the co-design of all elements of this toolkit.

  1. Section 1 Introduction View section
  2. Section 2 What was our approach to the co-design phase? View section
  3. Section 3 Why is Embedding Partnerships important? View section
  4. Section 4 How can we support lay partners? View section
  5. Section 5 How can we co-produce effectively with lay partners? View section
  6. Section 6 What is the impact of coproducing with lay partners? View section

Reading this section will help you answer

  • How does working with people who use services and carers bring us closer to our goal of achieving integrated care?
  • How can we recruit lay partners and ensure involvement at every level of our work?
  • How can we support lay partners to contribute to the programme as equal partners?
  • How do we work together effectively in a co-productive way?
  • How can we use language to reflect this new way of working?