Integrated Care in West London

In Kensington, Chelsea, Queen’s Park and Paddington, we are making it our initial priority to develop integrated care services for people over 65 years.


 Key facts:

  • There are around 230000 patients in the area we cover
  • Our area has 52 GP practices
  • The partners working together to deliver integrated care are: West London CCG; North West London CSU; Central & North West London NHS Foundation Trust; Adult Social Care in Tri-borough local authorities; Chelsea & Westminster NHS Foundation Trust; Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust; Central London Community Health Care Trust; Kensington & Chelsea Social Council; London Ambulance Service; London Central & West co-operative; Buckinghamshire New University; Age UK 


The journey so far…. 

We want to work together with our patients, front line staff and carers to design and deliver a new system of care that ensures the most positive experience possible for people over 65 in West London. The new system will be easier to access, more effective and more efficient for both patients, and health and social care organisations. It will build upon various initiatives that are already in place or in the pipeline. To achieve this we have ensured appropriate and equal representation from all stakeholder groups, engaging them through formal working sessions, steering committee meetings, GP events and individual meetings. Patients and service users have attended these events and helped to shape the plans we’re now pursuing in West London.



The future….. 

We’re excited about: 
  • The scale of this project allows us to do so much more for patients than has been seen before
  • It addresses probably the biggest health and social care challenge in the UK – getting services to work together around the needs and wishes of individuals
  • The chance to develop more and different specialist skills
"We envision delivering a system of care which ensures that everyone in West London over the age of 65 receives timely, coordinated care, centered around each person and delivered in the most appropriate setting for them."