Integrated Care in Hounslow

In Hounslow, we are making it our initial priority to develop integrated care services for people over 16 years of age with one or more long term condition and for adults with advanced brain disorders, like dementia.

Key facts:

  • There are around 292,000 patients in Hounslow
  • The borough has  54 GP practices
  • The partners working together to deliver integrated care are: The London Borough of Hounslow; Hounslow Clinical Commissioning Group; West Middlesex University Hospital; Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare Trust; the 5 GP Locality Networks and West London Mental Health Trust 

The journey so far….

Hounslow commissioners and providers have been developing an integrated care model since 2012 and there are now strategies and programmes delivering integrated care to residents.

Our vision for whole system integrated care is based on what patients, carers and service users tell us is most important to them – a seamless service to patients and carers, delivering person-centred care regardless of which organisation is providing that care.

Hounslow CCG have worked closely with different groups and organisations including patients and carers, voluntary and social care organisations, Hounslow CCG, hospitals, GPs, social care and community health providers. We asked people what they wanted from an integrated care system and how they thought it could best be delivered.  
Following on from this work, Hounslow CCG invited over 130 front-line staff, patients, service users and carers from across Hounslow to participate in a two-day simulation workshop, run by Imperial College Healthcare Partners and the University of Buckingham, to design a detailed model of care.  

From April 1st 2015, the London Borough of Hounslow has provided social workers to work in the 5 localities and to deliver a new service model of care. We will build on this work and use it to help develop better integrated health and social care for patients and carers. Hounslow CCG with the local Borough of Hounslow has commissioned a new Community Recovery Service (CRS) from April 2015. This is an integrated health and social care service for adults identified with rehabilitation needs. The service will maximise independence by providing patients rehabilitation and reablement after an acute illness, injury or change in life circumstances with a primary physical or social need and acquired or long term neurological condition. 

The future…..

 We’re excited about the facts: 

  • Success will radically change the lives of many people in our communities.
  • The quality of engagement from the groups we’ve engaged with – people care about this issue.
  • Integrated care in Hounslow is a long held aspiration – we’re developing a new way of working to meet the needs of the whole person.

"To deliver Whole Systems Integrated Care will mean significant change for our health and care organisations, and perhaps for voluntary and social organisations too. Whole Systems is the catalyst and enabler for this change. We must take this opportunity. If we can get it right, we know it will transform the daily lives of many of our residents."