Integrated Care in Hillingdon

In Hillingdon, we are making it our initial priority to develop integrated care services for people over 65 years who have one or more long-term health condition. 

Key facts:

  • There are around 274,000 patients in Hillingdon
  • The borough has 48 GP practices
  • The partners working together to deliver integrated care are: London Borough of Hillingdon; GP Network  Metrohealth; Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust (Community, Mental Health and ICP provider); the Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust; Hillingdon 4 All, a consortium of third sector partners.

The journey so far….

During the last eighteen months there has been a wide range of engagement and involvement projects with patients, carers, public, clinicians and the people who commission services as we developed our plan for integrated care.  
By supporting and empowering local people and their carers to have more control over the care they receive - and helping them to better manage their own care - we will enable people to retain their independence for as long as possible. This is something that older people locally and nationally tell us is very important to them.
We know that population changes, personal expectations and medical advances are leading to increasing demands on services.  We want to build a sustainable local health economy in partnership with local organisations to ensure we can continue to commission and provide high quality services for the people of Hillingdon.

The future…..

We’re excited about: 
  • Building a sustainable local health economy  with local organisations  that  have the same vision 
  • Working more closely with the voluntary sector 
  • Working with patients to make sure our plans are achievable
  • Supporting and empowering patients and carers to have more control over their care   
  • Going beyond long term conditions by 2019 for over 65s, so everyone can benefit from a tried and tested model of care 

"By 2019 the residents of Hillingdon will be able to plan their own care with professionals working closely together. These professionals will understand the needs of those in their care and the needs of their carer(s) ensuring services deliver what is important to everyone."