Integrated Care in Central London

In Central London, we have made it our priority to develop integrated care, which means that all health, social and environmental care services that a patient may need are co-ordinated, for anyone over 18 who has long-term condition, and everyone who is over 75 years of age.  


Key facts:

  • There are around 199,000 patients in Central London
  • The area has 35 GP practices
  • The groups working together to deliver integrated care are: Westminster City Council, Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust (CLCH), Central London Healthcare (CLH), London Central & West Unscheduled Care Collaborative (LCW), Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, Age UK (Westminster), Central and Northwest London Community NHS Trust (CNWL) and Chelsea & Westminster Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. They work together through a newly established group called a provider network.  

The journey so far….

There have been phenomenal levels of support for the programme from organisations across our area. Stakeholders from across the NHS, social care, local government and the third sector (which describes a range of organisations such as Age UK,) have worked alongside patients and those who use their services to produce our development plan. A Delivery Group provides Central London Clinical Commissioning Group (CL CCG) with the opportunity to engage with a wide range of people from these organisations, and the patients who use them. A recently set-up provider network, which  includes senior staff from all of the different organisations and patients,  will make decisions about how they can best work together and monitor success, in order to deliver the best possible care for patients.  

The future…..

We’re excited about: 
  • Enhancing our structures and meetings to help different organisations to work together, with relevant patients receiving a care plan that helps to address their needs proactively.  
  • We have established ‘Care Co-ordinators’ and plan to develop their role further. They will oversee all of the patients’ care needs and act as a point of contact for patients 
  • Empowering patients to manage their own health and well-being with the help of better information and technology
  • Delivering better healthcare for our most vulnerable patients