About us

Over 30 organisations, community groups and lay partners have come together to develop a vision for Whole Systems Integrated Care (WSIC) across North West London:

Our shared vision of the WSIC programme...

We want to improve the quality of care for individuals, carers and families, empowering and supporting people to maintain independence and to lead full lives as active participants in their community.

...supported by 3 key principles

  1. People will be empowered to direct their care and support and receive the care they need in their homes or local community.
  2. GPs will be at the centre of organising and coordinating people's care.
  3. Our systems will enable and not hinder the provision of integrated care.

Success for Integrated Care will mean:

  • Independence and better quality of life for individuals
  • Improved quality of care for individuals
  • Reduced number of unnecessary visits and/or appointments
  • Providers of health and social care services working as one seamless team for a clear group of named people
  • Fewer people needing to go to hospital, more people well at home
  • Keeping people well and healthy in a more cost-effective way

Practical differences an individual will see include:

  • I can access my own health and social care information and correct any errors
  • I can discuss and plan my care with a professional, focusing on my goals and concerns
  • I know what I can do to keep myself as well and active as possible
  • I know whom to contact and where to go when I need extra support
  • I can make sure that the professionals who support me have access to my up-to-date health records and care plan
  • I am regularly asked what I think about the care I am getting, and I know that my feedback is listened to
  • I know that when changes are being planned to services, my interests and those of people like me will be taken into account, because we have been part of the planning process from the start