Whole systems integrated care in North West London

Welcome to the North West London Whole Systems Integrated Care website. On behalf of partners from across the 8 boroughs in North West London. We believe that if the vision of integrated care is to be achieved, it must be a social movement, led by people who use services, their families, carers and the public; supported by staff at every level in every care setting, whether that be NHS, local authority, private or voluntary.

People are fed up with fragmented, inefficient care. We do not want to have to repeat our story to every health or social care professional we meet. We do not want a system that makes it hard for professionals to work together. We do want to understand how to manage our own health and wellbeing. We want to be able to talk with other people who have an impact on our health and social care and be listened to. We want those people to talk to each other. We want to have access to our own information, be able to correct inaccuracies and decide with whom it is shared.

We encourage you to explore our pages to understand what whole systems integrated care is all about, our vision and journey so far. By involving Lay Partners on the journey from day one we have a much better chance of achieving our vision: care that enables each of us to help ourselves.

Lay Partners (the term that we use to describe patients, service users and carers) on behalf of the North West London Whole Systems Integrated Care partners

What is Integrated Care?

Today, health and social care is delivered by different organisations that work separately. Organisational boundaries can prevent professionals from working together to provide the kind of high quality, joined up support that people expect and want. We want to change this so people and their goals are at the centre of a team of health and care professionals who work together smoothly. This will mean unlocking the social capital in our communities, viewing the energy, compassion, skills and learning of local people as valuable assets. We want to enable individuals, community groups, charities, local organisations and services to work effectively together.

Integrated care means integrated care teams that are focused on individual people and their needs. Bringing together all the different parts of the health and social care system will provide better communication and sharing of relevant information to reduce duplication and confusion for individuals, carers and staff. This will mean one set of goals agreed by the individual, supported by one team, one approach.

Click on our patient stories to find out more about why integrated care is so important to people and their families.

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On our website you will find out who we are, what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. There are useful resources to help plan and implement integrated care locally, as well as discuss lessons learnt. Please get in touch if you have any questions.